The Charlie Mortimer Show started slightly later than perhaps it could have. On arrival, he was fully kitted out and to much amusement had chosen to wear his cycle helmet to the pitch… obviously knowing that his head was going to be an ever important tool in this game, he deemed that protection for the short walk from the changing room to the warm up was very important!

Skipper Dicky faced with 7 central midfielders in a squad of 13 almost scuppered The Charlie Mortimer Show early, by playing him out of position at right wing.

Game started strong for OTFC and of course our hero Charlie. Despite having to soak up a first period of pressure from Glyn, OTFC found themselves breaking from their half and into the final third of the pitch, early corner won and delivered by Colin, Charlie hovering front post to head OTFC into a 1-0 lead with only 5 minutes gone. The Charlie Mortimer Show started with 5 minutes on the referee’s clock.

Much then happened over the following period, but, in short, Glyn rallied and a further 20 mins later OTFC found themselves 2-1 down.

The game could should have changed dramatically. OTFC chairman Greg wanted to ensure inter-club relations were at a high and went to make a friend, chose Glyn’s charming number 5. Alas Greg’s new beau greeted him with a kiss on the forehead. The referee didn’t see this show of affection but the clear admission from the orange number 5 “of course I ****ing head-butted the ****, he left his foot in the tackle”, probably should have done it. He remained on the pitch – Glyn lucky to have 11.

Not wanting to spoil The Charlie Mortimer Show with any more handbags, OTFC resumed play with most of the possession and the better opportunities, much of the play now in the Glyn half.

Second half and OTFC kicked off with their customary shaky start almost giving Glyn an opportunity in the first 5 mins. Thankfully Charlie was there to ensure OTFC would not be beaten. Another Mortimer headed goal from an Avery corner (no hint of an own goal). Followed up by a Mortimer right wing break and a perfectly weighted through ball straight into the path of Dave Bettis who, stealing the limelight away from Charlie, converted a brilliant deft knock over the keeper and into the goal for the 3-2 win.

A fantastic win for a total team performance of hard work and persistence, spearheaded by our MOTM.

Charlie Mortimer 2 goals, 1 assist, 19 nominations for MOTM and also graciously went home with the kit… despite pre-match discussions over skipper Dicky’s potential goal celebration following the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, it is fitting that Charlie gets to go home to Mrs Charlie who is due to give birth in just 5 weeks time.