Old Tiffinians FC welcome sponsors to invest in any and all areas of our football club, and would be happy to discuss any potential interest. If you would like to arrange to sponsor all or part of our club then please get in touch using the email address: oldtiffiniansfc@hotmail.co.uk or via any of the social media links shown on the site.

For the first season, OTFC have completed a sponsorship raffle to raise funds from a number of affiliated and local businesses to bolster the already present official OTFC Shirt Sponsors. The businesses and prizes are listed below after our prize draw video:


OTFC Primary Rain Jacket Sponsor and Vets XI MOTM Sponsor:

Smart Kids in Town

Visit the SKIT Website: www.skitmag.com

OTFC Rain Jacket Sponsor and 1st XI Team MOTM Sponsor:


Visit the Entocycle Website: www.entocycle.com

OTFC 2nd XI Team MOTM Sponsor:



Visit the Trigon Website: www.trigonfire.com

OTFC 3rd XI Team MOTM Sponsor:

Sam the Handyman

Contact Sam here: sedgarservices@gmail.com

OTFC Ladies XI Shirt Sponsor and 4th XI Team MOTM Sponsor:

Banquet Records

Visit the Banquet Records Website: www.banquetrecords.com

Buy your OTFC replica shirt here: www.banquetrecords.com/old-tiffinians-fc

OTFC 1st XI and 3rd XI Team Shirt Sponsor:

Joy Indian Restaurant

Visit the Joy Restaurant Website:  www.joy-restaurant.co.uk

OTFC 2nd XI Team Shirt Sponsor:

Withers Worldwide

Visit the Withers Worldwide Website: www.withersworldwide.com

OTFC 4th XI Team Shirt Sponsor:

Hope for Malawi

Visit the Hope for Malawi Website: www.hope4malawi.org

OTFC Sponsorship Raffle Participant:


Visit the Moneybox Website: www.moneyboxapp.com

OTFC Sponsorship Raffle Participant:

Ex Cellar

Visit the Ex Cellar Website: www.excellar.co.uk

OTFC Sponsorship Raffle Participant:

Jez & Tom

Visit Jez & Tom here: Jez&TomOnInstagram

OTFC Sponsorship Raffle Participant:


Visit the e-gg Website: www.e-gg.co.uk

OTFC Sponsorship Raffle Participant:

Thames Ditton Gin

Visit the Thames Ditton Gin Website: www.thamesdittongin.com

…and for a bit of fun…

So Mr Chairman… tell us your thoughts…