For those living under rocks, those without a care for news, or, for those who opted for a Talk Talk broadband option…

The Purple Peril newsletter typically appears every Thursday. Never early and often late, it is incredibly serious and wildly accurate.

The Peril provides an irreverent look at the weekly happenings of the football club. It covers such diverse topics as politics, tour, reality television, midweek selection headaches, on-pitch glory, social activities, the weather (very important) and the incredibly committed individuals that run this amazing club.

The name is a nod to one of the major literary achievements of the 20th century – the Old Tiffs Green Peril newsletter. Carefully conceived, developed and edited by the great D. Halford in the mid-latter 20th Century, the Green Peril stands as a pinnacle of sporting journalistic endeavour. We hope that the distant relative we’ve conceived will someday achieve such heights.

The Peril is not just a rag, no, it is a talking point, a reflection, a source of OTFC information, a meet point for the literary inclined, but mostly is an opportunity for pedantry

Should you not be on the mailing list for this beacon of detail, knowledge and misguided intelligence… let your skipper know immediately to be signed up.

Past Volumes Below:

Volume 9 – 5 April 20

Volume 8 – 22 March 20

Volume 7 – 31 January 20

Volume 6 – 10 December 19

Volume 5 – 22 November 19

Volume 4 – 14 November 19

Volume 3 – 10 November 19

Volume 2 – 31 October 19

Volume 1 – 24 October 19