Purple Army,

Welcome to Volume 2 of The Peril.

Another highly exciting week in which it didn’t rain for a bit (excepting the period when we were all actually playing football), political instability ratcheted up a few notches (both at a national level, and much closer to home), and Granit Xhaka once again demonstrated his cool head, good judgement and diplomatic skill. A template for the modern footballer, if ever there was one.

The most exciting event for me, possibly of the past decade, concerns the erection of 2 new whiteboards at Grists. You may be thinking I’ve overegged this slightly, but these are not just any whiteboards. They are branded, sculpted, structured, glowing pinnacles of data presentation beauty, each immediately priceless and now part of the club’s mythology and history. Please do feel free to touch them next time you’re at Home, just ensure you don’t rub any of the marker entries off. Taster below.

The observant among you will have noted that there was an Emergency General Meeting on Monday evening, immediately prior to training. The EGM was called to discuss the shifting sands around the ownership and responsibility for running Grists. Broadly, this is currently owned and managed by TAL, but they are struggling, therefore other models are being looked at. No immediate danger, but if you enjoyed Borgen or The Thick Of It, have a chat with one of the Leadership Team and we’ll explain the intrigue further.

It’s the first Club Curry of the season this Saturday. Places still available, a significant volume of bants, beers and balti on the cards. Shout at your social sec and they’ll sort for you.

Next, the actual football. Another wonder week for the 1s, winning 6-1 away to Old Thorntonians in the LOB Cup. If Captain Forsyth continues in this manner we may have to put him forward on December 12th. He does have wonderful hair. Kimber has already assembled a focus group.

The 2s, 3s and 5s put in valiant efforts, just coming up short, but all much closer to not doing so. Keep the effort and commitment up and it’ll come lads. Many, many goals will come.

The vets unfortunately went down to quality oppo, but continue in their inaugural season in the West London Veterans League. This fixture did mark a tremendous run of 11 or more middle-aged footballing Gods consistently managing to find the same ground at the same time on the same day of the week. Truly astonishing after all that heading of footballs across the years.

This weekend sees a fairly full roster, with several home and away matches and the 3s enjoying a Halloween/Fireworks weekend off. Bar open, beer served, plenty of high class bladder-chasing to enjoy. Get down.

Wishing everyone many goals for the weekend. Let’s get some purple points on the (white)board.

“Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss.”
Doug Williams

Weddings, Births, Familial Events

Please wish Cottee a happy 20th wedding anniversary next time you see him (he’s away celebrating for a few weeks, so might be a while). It’s also approx 20 years since Cottee started playing for the club, proving once again that an OTFC membership is the key to a happy marriage.


An unfortunate error by the Fixtures Secretary meant the last email included reference to the 5s being Away last weekend. They were, of course, at home. Sebastian has apologised profusely.