Its been a while… however… I think this is kinda how it went…

Tiffs arrived at the lovely Warlingham with a fairly depleted squad but a strong team. Featuring debutant Conor at CB.

Kicking up hill we knew we would have a chance if we could keep it tight first half.
2 minutes in and tiffs were struggling to do just that. It seemed through balls were the order of the day and John Fisher had plenty of one on ones.

With Conor (gk) standing tall and a few missed attempts Tiffs managed to get into HT with a realistic target of 4 goals to save the game.

Tiffs starting well second half and when a free kick was won on the far edge of the 18 yard box, Dan J fooled everyone by wiping it across the keeper to bounce it on the line and into the top corner!

4-1, back in it!

Or so we thought.

It must have been atleast 10 seconds after the restart and John Fisher had restored their 4 goal advantage. The game by then was fairly beyond us, with just a few handbags to be had and Conor doing a good job to restrict them to only 3 more by full time.

Effort was put in by all but not a game to live long in the memory for tiffs.

MOM to Conor, well deserved.

Next week a cup game. I’m guessing a hard fought draw and a heartbreaking 5-4 defeat on pens…

Player of the Match brought to you by The Adventure is Real

Connor Wooley