The afternoon started awfully. Nine and a half men were ready at pitch side for kick off. The half man was Captain Alex Cunningham, who’s face filled with impending doom as he revealed his calf had gone before the match had even started. The only things to keep team members occupied whilst we waited for others to arrive were Ben Harrison’s newly trimmed beard, and Frode’s very un-Nordic decision to wear leggings. Many fines had been identified already, with one member still outstanding. Suddenly, choruses of “what’s that coming over the hill?…is it a scrum cap?!” echoed throughout East Molesey as Nader joined the side.

Once the ref had also arrived, we were finally ready for kick off. The first 15 minutes were a solid battle, and a good start from both teams. After a while, an unfortunate failure to clear our lines in the box led to an early goal for Shene. For the remainder of the first half, there was some good stuff played by all. Time after time Nader was called upon to gather and make saves, which he did with great fierceness. The back four held a tight line, catching Shene offside time and time again, leading their No 10 to remark “I just don’t understand”.

Solid battle in the middle of the park from our midfield pairing of Ben H and Frode allowed us to maintain good possession. Dan “I like the ball to feet” Allen held the ball up well to build up some useful attacks. Joe Yates decided that more drama was required, and so immediately decided to bleed all over the pitch. After deciding that he “probably had concussion”, he re-joined the game soon before half time.

In the second half Tiffs continued to repel attacks and put some good football together. Insults had been flying back and forth for most of the 90 minutes, with TWC’s usual brand of Tiffin boy handbags, and Tom Marshall proving he had clearly read the Ben Lewis manual on “How to square up to opposition members much bigger than you”.

As the game wore on, Tiffs were looking convincing to get back into the game. Owen Kirk dancing down the right-hand-side being our most potent option, followed closely by Al “Top bins” Cunningham’s cameo on the left wing.  It seemed as though an equaliser was written in the stars until at a corner, from 47cm out, Dom Lundie had what can only be described as a Brain Fart, allowing the ball to evade him in front of goal.

With tiring legs, unfamiliar positions and a growing injury list, attacks took their toll. Drops in communication and untracked runners led to 2 goals in the last 15 minutes, with Shene strikers finally working out how to evade the offside trap.

Given the shortage of numbers, not a bad showing for the 3s, who will be disappointed not to pick up the draw, but never looked like dominating the game.


A well deserved MOTM for Nader who patrolled his box like a ferocious lion…wearing a scrum cap.


Daniel Allen
Dylan Brillante
Alex Cunningham
Benjamin Harrison
Owen Kirk
Frode Kloster
Dominic Lundie
Thomas Marshall
Nader Meradji
Tom Whitehead-Clarke
Joe Yates

MOTM: Nader Meradji