The first and only preseason “friendly” for the III’s and the IV’s fell on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, Grists’ famous swimming-hole had decided not to make an appearance at this game giving the teams “not as bad as it could have been” conditions for the game.

The match started off strong for both teams with attacks and counter-attacks coming from both ends. Goals for the III’s came from Ben Williams with a low long shot that crept under Nader’s glove, another goal from Ben, a header from a corner. Dom Lundie scuffed a cross and to the keepers frustration, had chipped him, placing the shot in the top right corner of the goal. Rory Sadler (New-Boy #1) gave the III’s their final goal with a long shot that squirmed through the air, clipping the keeper’s glove and crept into the goal.

The IV’s goals came from Marian Vrabie (New-Boy #2), two from Stephen Dwyer (New-Boy #3), and one from Mike (New-Boy #4). In the closing seconds of the match, the result looking to be a 4-4 thriller draw, Simon Titcombe stepped up and fired [Editor’s note: clipped] a shot [Editor’s note: really?] from just outside of the box sailing into the top right corner cementing the win the for IV’s!

The game concluded shortly after 5-4 to the IV’s. Shout out to Aaron Langford for getting nut-megged twice and Charlie Hughes for attempting to get sent off in an inter-club friendly.