Late goal guts the glory from the Tiffs 5’s

Dorkinians VI’s 2-v-2 Old Tiffinians V’s

Often in Football you watch a match that is one sided, a game that seems that it can only go one way, for it to be cruelly lost or drawn at the death, this was the Fifth’s story on a Sunny yet frustrating afternoon under the Surrey Hills Skies.

Under the stunning scenery of the Surrey Hills, the Old Tiffinians V’s started brightly with early injections of pace on the wing from Monerville and McGrath, that pace would herald the opening goal as Monerville darted in from the wing to get a shot away, only for the ref to note the arm tug and award a penalty to Old Tiffinians, with bemused spectators looking on, the Goalkeeper, Wes Bishop (deputising for the injured Matt Hurst), slotted calmly home, many more attacks came with little to show before Dorkinians on their first attack carved through the middle and shinned home the equaliser off the post.

A late guilt edge shot wide and a few good goalkeeping inventions kept the score 1-1.

Old Tiffinians pushed and pushed in the second and got what should have been the winner as Sullivan crossed for McGrath to steer home, as the time ticked away the Tiffs were denied 3, 4, 5 or even number 6 by outstanding goalkeeping and wasteful finishing.

However as time ticked down and with what seemed the last kick, a hopeful Dorkinian ball split the defence again and a delicate chip over the advancing Bishop stole a point at the death.

With the last kick belonging to the manager Hurst as he let fly at the water bottle, nearly decapitating several Dorkinian spectators, a disappointing game ended on a disappointing (if swiftly struck kick) end.