“Being named captain of a team is an honour. The best captains are inspirational – they are role models for their team mates providing an example of how the game should be played.

For respect to succeed we require team captains to play their part in creating a competitive but fair and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place.

Be a leader not a follower” – The FA

It’s time to hand over the armband…

5 and a half seasons:

  • 308 Emails
  • 149 Points
  • 132 Players
  • 127 Matches
  • 114 Match reports
  • 98 Teamer invites
  • 65 Losses
  • 43 Wins
  • 22 WhatsApp Groups
  • 20 Draws
  • 16 Yellow Cards
  • 8 Referee reports
  • 4 Kits
  • 4 “Blue” Cards
  • 3 Red Cards
  • 2 Promotions
  • 2 Squads
  • 1 Sponsor
  • 1 Relegation
  • 1 Skipper

All this work over hours spent sending many emails, texts, WhatsApps, phone calls, chasing, team talks, waiting on sponsors etc… for a win ratio of just 39% 

A 39% win ratio would be akin to around 12th or 13th place in the premier league or perhaps more relevantly, exactly midtable of an AFC league.

Not much of a legacy then.

Well… there is a bigger picture… firstly, the initial transitional season did nothing for our statistics, but we should not hide behind these… secondly, there were four squads five seasons ago, there are now six. The additional two teams have required support, guidance and often, lots of players… and then, and most importantly, you only need look at the squads the 2s and now 1s have fostered. Almost always smallest in the club and yet almost never need a helping hand for players. In fact, it’s often our smaller squad that aids other teams on match day. We have always led on innovation, recruitment, administration, website, sponsorship, photography, social media, fines, reports and socials (in the main) but mostly, it’s our team spirit and core togetherness that ensures we keep competitive and motivated win, lose or draw. Players that want to play for each other, want to bed in new recruits and remain competitive not only in the league but also within the club. We have built our foundation on efficient and enjoyable football. Many club stalwarts and committee members have also come from these squads leading the club forward in its more recent transformation.

On a personal note, I only had a few skippers in my seven pre-skipper “playing years” Akko (who brought me to OTFC), Sniffer and Cottee… I of course have played for more captains on occasion. These captains are OTFC “legends” and paved the way for the legacy I wanted to continue, obviously with my own touches and personality traits, in this case, specifically consistency and admin – some might say OCD. I also had the huge benefit of being mentored by Ciaran who set the metaphorical bar.

Highlights for my tenure are too many to note, however… a couple spring to mind:

  • Scoring on my debut as 2s captain
  • Scoring on my debut as 1s captain
  • Gaining promotion whilst sat watching on the side lines of London Welsh vs Old Sutts
  • Beating the 1s (Sorry Seb)

It goes without saying, thank you to every player, every skipper, every committee member and to Will our dedicated Vice Capt. who I hope will now take the helm and guide the 1s forward to an even better place.

As a final note, today is my last game as skipper… following a 7 minute cameo in goal this season; I plan to selfishly play myself as striker (the only position I have not yet played in my OTFC career) I will of course score a hattrick with the aim of moving that win ratio to 40%.

C’mon the Purps!