OTFC Tour 2015 – Amsterdam

We arrived as Old Boys, and left as old men….

Briefed with tour packs (replete with Tour T-shirt, Tour Guide, Itineraries, wrist bands, string…) the adventure raced from Gatwick to Amsterdam and back again, with plenty of beer and even a little football thrown in for good measure (match report to follow).

With regular Courts, the varying Fines Committees sought out and punished all transgressions of justice, while the competitive spirit was sustained with a range of games such as slaps (including the most intense game ever witnessed), Horace the Hippo, Numbers (an unsuspecting street bar the setting for one of the greatest games ever played), One-Up-One-Down, The Witch, Fuzzy Duck and more.

Once more the OTFC Tour was a resounding success. Many thanks to those who organised it, and to every Tourist for making it such a top weekend. Looking forward to the next one already!


More to follow…