The trophies for OTFC IIIs were decided by votes from the squad.  The awards were presented at the end of season do, but the full results were not detailed, in order to stave off a freedom of information request the full results are published below.

Player of the season

Ben Williams WINNER (6 votes)

Lee Orchard (4 votes)

Baptiste Reynaud (4 votes)

Dan Hogg (3 votes)

Aaron Langford (1 vote)

Ciaran Morris (1 vote)

New player of the season

Baptiste Reynaud WINNER (5 votes)

Andy Johnston (4 votes)

Dan Hogg (3 votes)

Laurence Hinton (2 votes)

Ed Whitehouse (1 vote)

Charlie Mortimer (1 vote) [Editor’s note: played one half of football in the final game of the season, but what a half it was]

Mike Lutz (1 vote) [Editor’s note: not a new player, even stretching the eligibility criteria, though an understandable mistake to make]

Goal of the season

Ben Williams v Meadonians WINNER (9 votes)

Charlie Mortimer v Suttonians (4 votes)

Guillermo Guimera v City of London (2 votes)

Dan Jackson v Whitgiftians (2 votes)

Aaron Langford v Reigatians (1 vote)

Lewis Baister v Meadonians (1 vote)