Sometimes when writing a match report you want to tell a story, build some suspense and keep the ending as a surprise.  Other times, you want to just write down the score and get out quick.

OTFC 1 – 10 Old Sedcopians

I don’t think there’s enough space to describe all the goals, and honestly, I’m not sure I remember them all.  There was an own goal in there somewhere, a deflection into the top corner and at least one decent strike from outside the box.  “What about the Tiff’s goal?” I hear you cry, “Surely that’s worth describing?” – well reader, it was a soft penalty nicely tucked away by Wes Bishop with the team already 7 or 8 down at the time.

All that’s really left is to make some excuses, so here goes: no football for 4 weeks, that horrible orange kit, new goals, new nets, pitch was in too good condition for December, warmed up at the wrong end, bit windy, bit rainy, bit bobbly, bit slippery, bad management, not enough subs, too many subs, too excited about the new training tops, and finally, no training top.

Anyway, we go again next week – with something to prove.

Man of the Match brought to you by Banquet Records… to the tune of “The Sound of Failure” by the Flaming Lips

Alec Kent