OTFC IV 3 – 2 John Fisher Old Boys ll



This was it, the big one, the game that all season had been leading up to, Super Saturday.


It was a must win clash of the titans! Just as significant as; Real vs Barca, City vs United, Hibs vs Hearts. Tiffs were going into the game still undefeated in the league, however they knew that their dominance was going to be tested.


With the game set to kick off at 1:30 a special mention must go to Tiffs Keeper “Puppy love” Nader turned up with 10 mins to go. Conrad (who had stepped up to take the gloves) put him in goal with the late fine duly noted.


Coach Euan “The Mullet” Shields was in great form, vintage trakkies in toe, channelling his inner Charlie, laid out cones for a proper warm up drill, this was swiftly ignored… instead the team opted to send the ball into the mixer for the remainder of the warm up.


The game kicked off, it was a physical affair. Slippery conditions meant it was extremely hard to control the ball with a lot of kicking the air, but alternately this meant it was perfect slide tackling conditions.


Zeki “Papa John” Adzeki latched onto a long ball over the top, and spotted Jeremy “Three Lungs” Eggar making his trademark marauding run from right back, taking the ball first time, smashing it, with the cross bar being the only thing denying him his first Tiffs goal.


The opposition back four were clearly also feeling the effects of the weather and Flynnaldinho Jr pounced on a back pass from the right back, sprinted into the box and dinked it top bins past the keeper, HOWZAT!


From ecstasy to tragedy, Conrad “the Mouth” Bell, fresh from screaming in the oppositions face after an empty hand ball call, goes down with his returning ankle injury resulting in him having to sit out the rest of the game. A big tragedy for Tiffs defence, after not having The Mullet or Steve “Baresi” Newby in the line-up to begin with. This was obvious with the opposition scoring a Barca esq goal passing round the defence moments after The Mouth being subbed off.


At 1-1, the ref blew the half time whistle and Tiffs with their heads down after the opposition goal, looked to equipment manager The Mullet to rile the team up with a pep talk… Tiffs swiftly went 2-1 down in the beginning moments of the second half. The Mullet evidently needs to work on his public speaking skills.


This second goal for the oppo came from a corner after poor defending and name calling saw the ball slowly trickle over the line as Puppy love let out a high pitched scream ‘NOOOOO’ reaching out in attempt to stop it. This brought Tiffs morale to an all game low and John Fisher capitalised on this, with attack upon attack battering the Old Tiffinian’s defence, but luckily without conversion.


The ref indicated there would be 15 mins left, it was clear that the John Lewis players thought that the game was in the bag. Little did they know that Flynnaldinho Jr had unlocked the long throw trait on FIFA 18. Straight from the training ground he launched it into the box, for Papa John to nod it onto James “the Head” Khaj who scored without the use of his head, very disappointing, fines will be had. BUT THE LADS WERE BACK IN THE GAME!


Soon the weather took a turn for the worse, blinding sunlight, right at eye level. Being the meteorologist experts we are, the Tiffs boys used this to their advantage, latching onto a poor goal kick that the opposition couldn’t see, with Flynnaldinho Jr walloping it into the bottom right grabbing the winner GGGGOOOOOOLLLLLLAAAAAAAZZZZZZZOOO!!! To which he promptly ran over to do his trademark celebration with his fallen comrade Three Lungs.


Despite a late fight back from the John Fisher attack, the Old Tiffs massive were able to swat away any attempt and ended the match victorious! With the victory dropping John Fisher down to fourth and cementing the Tiffs Lads at the top of the table with a game in hand.


6 wins out of 6, not too shabby.



MOTM: Tom “Flynnaldinho Jr” Flynn