‘Twas the game before Christmas, and all through the pitch

Old Tiffs were stirring, a plan with no hitch,

Forsyth as Gaffa, a big coat to match,

Wandsworth were ready, 3 points on our patch,

Crippsy moves in to their penalty box,

Surprisingly agile, their keeper a fox,

Chertsey Town’s finest was pulling the strings,

All over the park, Jackson had wings,

Steve was a handful, making runs in behind,

Gledhill volleys, the good guys combined,

One Nil to Tiffin, never far from cliché,

Kimber shouts ‘Nil Nil’, and on we play,

Pressure from Wandsworth, Long ball in the air,

Their strikers reaction, made it all square,

Tiffin charged forward, showing some flair,

Cut back to Rory, ball’s still in the air,

Header from Wandsworth, surely its in,

Thad’s on the line, clears right off his shin,

Half time huddle, encouraging signs,

Rory distracted, contemplating the fine,

Game starts again, Kieran shows us the way,

Nutt wins the headers, a towering display,

On came their sub, quite a vocal addition,

Mike with some blocks, in this game of attrition,

Lewis round two, not the final connection,

Seb saving well, off some nasty deflections,

Robini stepped up, with a dangerous free kick,

Offside header, celebrations were quick,

Jordan immense, battling through the conditions,

Man of the match, without competition,

The crowd urged us on, but the game was drawn,

Improving results, Tiffin showed their brawn,

Christmas rest, Santa slips a sable,

Back in the New Year, to charge up the table.


Man of the Match brought to you by Entocycle:

Jordan Owusu-Adu