The windswept grassland of Grists and the temperature freezing. Opposition looking fit and hungry for those big 3 points, but the good guys in purple ‘the mighty T’s’ had other ideas.

The kick off was taken. The ball being majestically played around on the surface, putting Whitgiftian under increasing pressure. Tiffs break the dead lock 1-0 though Allan. Whitgift then put us straight back under pressure Kimber cleverly outwitting their attackers by diving to play the offside trap. Playing the ball round the back comfortably waiting for gaps in their defence to open up, switching the ball from wingback to wingback Tiffs stretched their play and wore down the oppo. Gorgeous, Rory and Blowy Sammarco running them ragged, Tiffs gaining more opportunities as the minutes pass by. Midfield dominating the centre of the park. Rory hitting a ball in from the left wing supposedly meant as a cross to Dave he hits the woodwork. Then a cleverly disguised ball from Luke, Dave Bettis riffles the ball into the top corner from 8 yards. The halftime whistle blew.

Positive team talk at halftime. Opposition coming back on to the pitch pushing for the goal that would of put them back into contact. But the good guys work ethic was unchanged and we soon had them on the back foot. Seb’s quick distribution throughout from hand and feet was pinpoint and pushing them back and giving us the chance to counter attack. Rory finishing a good move, putting the ball in the bottom right corner, celebrating with a primal scream and a chest bump. A solid performance from all, even the ref enjoyed the game. Back to back wins 9 goals for none against. Bring on next weekend !

Here is out MOTM Seb on his thoughts of the game:


After game debrief over a pint and a slice took a turn as Centre Back Kimber decided to hone his long ball skills attempting to pick out Striker Alan: