You have chosen to playAmateur Football Game **FREE EDITION**

Thank you for choosing Amateur Football Game **FREE EDITION**, please see instructions below. Live action performers will be allocated to your session. Remember LIVE ACTORS, REAL ADVENTURE! Our live-performance games make you the hero.


To leave the game within the given time limit by defeating the OPPOSITION using only the resources you have been provided and within the given time limit.


14 players – you will be playing as Old Tiffinians Football Club


Sinjuns Grammarians FC


90 mins


Old Tiffinians FC are an amateur football club playing in the AFC Leagues, their home ground is based in East Molesey. Old Tiffinians FC are on the up with multiple sponsorship deals signed, an ever expanding club base, a new women’s team and an additional veterans squad added this season. For your mission to be a success you must defeat the OPPOSITION (Sinjuns Grammarians FC) ensuring Old Tiffinians FC league success to match their commercial success. This will take you one step closer to your personal aspiration of managing a Premier League football team.

Thank you for choosing Amateur Football Game **FREE EDITION** you will  be given the opportunity to set up your game after these advertisements…


You select your formation – 1-4-2-3-1


You select your live action performers:

  • RB – DICKY
  • CB – BEN
  • LB – DAN
  • CM – BAMBI
  • CM – GREG
  • RW – STEVE
  • F9 – KHAJ
  • LW – JOE
  • S – TOMMO
  • Sub – FLYNN
  • Sub – JUSTIN
  • Sub – ALISTAIR


You select “BEN” as captain

NOTE TO PLAYER – Live action performer “CONNOR” is no longer available please choose option “TOM” to complete live action performer selection. “CONNOR” failed pre-game integrity test. “CONNOR” is placed in DOG HOUSE.

You select “TOM”


The opposition kick off. Immediately Old Tiffinians FC are on the back foot, despite good possession at times, Old Tiffinians FC consistently panic on the ball and revert to hoofing long balls forward at the isolated strikers.

You wish you had instigated TEAM TALK to ensure calm and play simple football on the floor

Old Tiffinians FC seem to gain momentum (and confidence on the ball). “BEN” and “WIGHTWICK” start to take control of the Old Tiffinians FC back four. Steady marking, close football, playing it out from the back sees an excellent passage of play, “GREG” and “BAMBI” are everywhere, feeding “STEVE” on the right and “KHAJ” through the middle. Link-up to the striker and wingers remains loose in attack, however, occasional glimmers of Old Tiffinians FC’s ability starts to shine through.

The game seems even, a defensive masterclass starts. Suddenly, however, Sinjuns Grammarians FC take advantage of a break down the left, Old Tiffinians FC are seemingly in control however “DICKY” has not seen an overload. Sinjuns Grammarians FC play the ball dangerously through the box, seeing the problem too late, “DICKY” gambles on Opposition 11 the ball however goes to Opposition 9 and the ball is in the back of the net.

Old Tiffinians FC 0 – Sinjuns Grammarians FC 1

Disaster! You panic slightly, your aspiration of managing a Premier League football team looks to be a little more complicated that at first thought.

PLAYER INTERVENTION OPTION – Player may make formation and live action performer alterations

You seize your opportunity to try to mix things up a little

  • Live action performer “FLYNN” enters the game
  • Live action performer “JUSTIN” enters the game
  • Live action performer “ALISTAIR” enters the game
  • Live action performer “DAN” removed from the game
  • Live action performer “STEVE” removed from the game
  • Live action performer “TOMMO” removed from the game

Play resumes, Old Tiffinians FC are instantly more composed on the ball and look more and more dangerous.

PLOT TWIST – Live action performer “FLYNN” has only one shin pad. You have two options:

  • Option 1 – Play live action performer “FLYNN” regardless
  • Option 2 – Remove live action performer “FLYNN” from the game as “THE RULES” state

You choose – Option 1 – Play live action performer “FLYNN”

Chances in the game start to come thick and fast, both Old Tiffinians FC and Sinjuns Grammarians FC are looking dangerous. There is some lovely play on the left side of the pitch, it looks like Old Tiffinians FC are on the brink, having soaked up pressure throughout the first period Old Tiffinians FC set-up once again from the left. The ball is played into the box, there is a kafuffle, “KHAJ” pounces and the scores are even.

Old Tiffinians FC 1 – Sinjuns Grammarians FC 1.

Play resumes with a period of football spent in the middle of the park, there seems to be a stalemate as the ball is gained and lost between the teams without much danger.

BREAK – NOTE TO PLAYER – Clock pauses for 5 minutes, please ensure your computer has battery life for another 45 minutes, you have time to regroup, think about your next step and make any required changes

You instigate player option TEAM TALK:

  • You click various instruction options – “keep possession”, ”your job is not done”, “play the simple ball”, “talk to each other”, “play out from the back”, “find the space”.
  • You choose various encouragement options – “we are playing far better than them”, “they have had one chance that’s it”, “the job is half done”, “we keep playing like this we will win”, “we are the better team”.
  • You choose energy options – “Lucozade”, “Poweraid”, “Water”

You curse that Amateur Football Game **FREE EDITION** does not have a “Pasta” or “Jellybabies” option.


Once again Old Tiffinians FC choose to start slowly, Sinjuns Grammarians FC are the better team from the off. This time Old Tiffinians FC have learnt from their first half performance and quickly start to overcome the Sinjuns Grammarians FC midfield. “FLYNN” is linking with “JUSTIN” and “KHAJ” keeping possession on the right, the Sinjuns Grammarians FC front three are struggling to get in the game. “ALISTAIR” is using his quick feet and composure to great effect bamboozling the Sinjuns Grammarians FC midfield and giving “BAMBI” space to stride through the middle. “TOM” makes an incredible save and calmly resets the game playing out from the back.

Against the run of play, Sinjuns Grammarians FC play yet another long ball over the top, “BEN” heads it out however the ball falls back to Sinjuns Grammarians FC in midfield, a dart through the middle and there is a loose shot at the Old Tiffinians FC goal. “TOM” is unsighted by Opposition 10 as he casually steps over the oncoming ball Opposition 6 turns without fanfare realising Opposition 10 is offside.

PLOT TWIST – enter “MAN IN BLACK”… “MAN IN BLACK” allows goal to stand in breach of “THE RULES”… You must remember you are playing Amateur Football Game **FREE EDITION** and cannot afford PREMIERSHIP FOOTBALL GAME… You despair that VAR is not present.

Old Tiffinians FC 1 – Sinjuns Grammarians FC 2

This time your panic hits a new level. You decide to change things again: Your dream of managing a Premier League football team is now on the brink of disaster.

  • Live action performer “DAN” enters the game
  • Live action performer “STEVE” enters the game
  • Live action performer “TOMMO” enters the game
  • Live action performer “GREG” removed from the game
  • Live action performer “JOE” removed from the game
  • Live action performer “BAMBI” removed from the game

You take the opportunity to use two of your three tokens:

  • You click “HIGH PRESS”
  • You click “LONG THROW”

The game restarts and Old Tiffinians FC have most possession and are playing almost solely in the Sinjuns Grammarians FC half. Option “LONG THROW” is in frequent use from both “DAN” and “FLYNN” however without much success. “WIGHTWICK” takes option “HIGH PRESS” literally and renders the defence a back three. No matter, “WIGHTWICK”s presence in the middle is causing all manner of problems for Sinjuns Grammarians FC. The now back three of Old Tiffinians FC remain  strong until yet another Sinjuns Grammarians FC long ball clearance goes through to the Sinjuns Grammarians FC striker Opposition 7.

Your objective of managing a Premier League football team now looks beyond reach, surely Sinjuns Grammarians FC will score, they may be on the half way line, but it is one-on-one.  In abject desperation you look at your in-game options and spy an option you had not seen previously “DUBIOUS FOUL”… out of character you select “DUBIOUS FOUL” and are met with further options PLEASE SELECT PLAYER… you look at your list of players “WIGHTWICK” is selected without another moments thought.

As the Sinjuns Grammarians FC player unleashes their “FOUR LETTER WORD” option, “WIGHTWICK” nonchalantly walks away ready to defend the resulting oncoming free kick.

Old Tiffinians FC remain on top in the closing minutes, “DAN” takes his position once again for “LONG THROW” the ball is launched, “DICKY” heads down and right Opposition 1 makes a save just as live action performer of the moment “WIGHTWICK” pounces to take the rebound over the line.

You are too excited, the dream is back onACTION REPLAY OPTION

Old Tiffinians FC 2 – Sinjuns Grammarians FC 2

You take one final option “FULL ATTACK”.

Alas, it is too little too late.

GAME OVER – Sorry, despite coming very close, you have not won the game – you remain in charge of Old Tiffinians FC, you have one token remaining to achieve PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALL GAME status without paying full subscription.

Player of the Match brought to you by The Adventure is Real

Tom Wightwick