A Saturday away trip to Peaches Close is one of amateur football’s great away days, so the Tiffs squad battled the post-Brexit petrol apocalypse to make it to the ground on time – mostly. With 15 mins to KO the whispers of “where’s Jordan” became louder and more urgent, until the fine form of Tiffs’ midfield enforcer and man of the people appeared minutes before KO, throwing on a shirt and muttering “don’t blame me, blame the British public”.

The pattern of the game was forged early on, with Tiffs moving the ball well around the Glyn box but looking vulnerable to long balls and throws. It was going to take something special to break the deadlock, and it soon arrived from debutant Tom Bradley who’s 30 yard strike dipped, wobbled and nestled sweetly in the top corner of the Glyn net. “Nothing we can do about that lads” came the call from the Glyn defence – and that set the tone for the next 20 mins.

Joe Jordan, benched from the start after a catastrophic no-show the week before, was introduced on the half hour with a point to prove. 20 mins later, he had a superb hat-trick. Two tidy finishes and a penalty from Joe were supplemented by a goal from Alan, and Tiffs went in 5-0 up at the break.

“This defence deserve a clean sheet today, let’s work and get one for them” was the message at half time. One minute into the second half it was 5-1. For the second week running Tiffs endured a poor 10 mins at the start of the second half, with Glyn pressing high and causing problems. The boys in purple are made of stronger stuff though and held on, winning their battles and getting on the front foot once again to play some nice football in the second half. Joe Jordan wasn’t content with 3 so added Tiffs’s sixth after a trademark Sammarco burst from right back, and the game was won.

Excellent performances all round and a well deserved first W of the season. Oh and if anyone sees Tom Vachitov, please hand him in to the lost and found.


Player of the Match brought to by Banquet Records

Tom Bradley