A Captain’s Comment

After the rain of last weekend we return to the fields of Grist for a cup game that takes on more significance and importance as the day’s pass, we welcome the conquerors of our 8 brave souls several weeks ago and though revenge is not particularly on my mind, I think we need to prove a point going forward.

As we conclude the second International break of the football season a couple of thoughts crossed my mind on the start to a tough start to the season. The role of movements can be immense, their position in societal change has led to many developments, from the start of football, the harness of the Railways shaped the dominance of the north in football initially and shaped the game it is today (That’s why so many stadiums sit next to Railway lines), but all movements start somewhere.

We have greeted a number of young hungry players to the V’s and that motivation to keep playing needs to be harnessed, Saturday football can be brutal, as brutal as Goth’s in the sack of Rome, as brutal as the French revolution, as brutal as all and any movement for good and for ill (Including the several months of Roy Hodgson’s brutal reign in charge of Liverpool) , but it can also lead to a future, a bright progressive future, so I say I hope you stay and I hope you make a new movement, and we can be brutal to someone else’s Saturday.

Enjoy the game….

Matthew Hurst