We often reflect on the comfort of the past to keep the wolves from the door, to escape to the rediscovered country that no person can return, it is often a country that in the mind seemed perfect but it wasn’t, nothing ever is or was perfect.

That is often true of new technology, seen most obviously in VAR, though new technology cannot solve human error (or Martin Atkinson’s talents as a referee). It can also be seen in the forging of a new team, the Fifth team has seen and will continue to see a flux of players, that’s the downside of being the feeder team, however it is good to nurture new talent and hopefully keep them committed to the club for years to come.

Last week’s result was an improvement on the previous meeting but still much more to be worked on, 8-2 is not 13-0 but neither does it solve the major issues, if the goal kick count is challenging the amount of passes completed then it shows improvements need to be made.

We welcome Sinjuns Grammarians, a new team to the 5th team league, however already the second time the author will face a team from the Wandsworth Common based club, the last heat of summer embraced a 2’s defeat that day, sadly it seems the Sun has retreated to hibernation till 2020.

This is a week to kick on and get our first points, so let’s get on and go forth, each Saturday is an opportunity to come anew.

Enjoy the game….


Matthew Hurst
V’s Team Captain