The Spirit of Paisley – Tiffs comeback to make a point.

The quiet genius that was Bob Paisley’s moniker, a man of few words but big actions and so it came to pass that the Tiffs fifths lined up 4-1-3-2 with few words just mutterings very much like Bob.

The start, a disaster, within minutes the Tiffs were behind, a deflected clearance ended past the goalkeeper and in the net, a shot in the far corner made it two and a calamitous gift made it 3. At this point the change was made, Hurst the captain and goalkeeper sacrificed himself and Kone (The player who would score two) on. The Tiffs fought back with one before going 4-1 down, game over?

Self-defeat was not noted in the Paisley book, and it wouldn’t be here.
Little said and changes minimal the Tiffs went out renewed with one before half time, just two required.

Whitgiftian’s were collapsing under the vocals from the back and from the side, 4-3 could this be on, oh it so could be on its 4-4…. Question now will the sacrifice twist or stick? Paisley’s words “If it’s working stick” stuck and the Tiffs heroic back five kept the Whitgiftian’s at bay…

The first point, the first of many?

Old Tiffs 4 – 4 Whitgiftian’s II