Old Tiffs Vs 4 – 8 Old Whitgiftian II

A 12 goal thriller greeted the Old Tiffinian Vs home after what seemed a herculean road trip, the last time the Old Tiff’s were at home, Christmas was just a sparkle on an autumn leaf, the first game at home of the new decade and the autumn had turned very much to winter.

So to the game, the sun occasionally shone and a credible but unlucky performance in the first half saw Whitgiftian go in at 4-0, mostly due to lapse defending and good finishing by the opposition. The wind which was at gale force levels at times seemed to do the opposite as though playing into it galavinised the Tiff’s fortunes and soon the score was a respectable 5-2, the game would get even closer with good finishes from Pepper Kyei and debutant James Smith got the game to within 2, however as the Tiffs pushed forward the Whitgiftian’s punished them with a further 3 added to finish all hopes.

Kudos to another top performance by Adam Vowles who was awarded man of the match and who scored a lovely looping freekick.

Man of the Match

Adam Vowles