The Match (Part Deux)

On the fare fields of Guildford the Match featuring Guildford and Tiffs was promised to be as anticipated as Mickleson vs Woods, the prize not quite the 9 million pounds, but the more important 3 points of the AFC South 8th division.

An early bogey on what resembled a links golf course more rough than fine and a pitch more designed for delicate chipping in from a corner set the Tiffs back, with back to back bogeys the score card on the front nine resembled a mare, with a lofted 2 shot birdie the only positive from Wes Bishop.

The back nine as the Tiffs gambled was a slight improvement, but the score would unlikely make the cut with only a further Wes Bishop goal and a good finish on the putting surface for debutant Craig Pier.

Guildford would fall just short of the 14 and half required for Ryder Cup victory so the Tiffs will fight another day, preferably on a football pitch.

Man of the Match – Aaron Elwood

Old Guildfordians II 13 – 3 Old Tiffinians v