The mighty (normally) purple-cladded T’s were full of excitement knowing that a good long session in The Hope was up for grabs on a cold and rainy Saturday. Annoying to some of the squad, there was unfortunately a game of two halves to be had – before the warming embrace of The Hope could be attended.

As is becoming the trend, the mighty T’s re-donned the back to back to back winning orange shirts. As there is a larger selection of kits available, it is far more ‘physique friendly’ to some of the heavy hitters within the squad.

Confidence was high after 3 wins on the trot, oversubscription for squad selection, and facing bottom of the league. After much internal debate, captain oh captain Rory went for the tried and tested 4, 5, 1.

With goals coming from all over the squad, and the Lowly position of our opponents, goals goals goals were surely to come (also there was quiet suggestion that the ref was potentially related to one of our boys).

As is becoming our new Style, the lads passed it around with aplomb stretching and squeezing the opposition. With lots of hustle and bustle we took the game by the scruff of the neck and took a 2-0 lead.

Having converted himself from a goal keeper “as useful as a dustbin lid” to our very own da Gea, TW again the made some world class saves to keep the opposition out. Rory run diagonally past many men only to just lose the ball at the final hurdle. Steve Lung also ran diagonally past many men again only to just loose the ball at the final hurdle. Sandy spent much time out wide on the left in acres of space – but was about as likely to receive the ball as sniffer is to turn down a free ticket all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Bambi and Jordan battled valiantly and dominated the centre of the park. Oli had some nice flicks and tricks. Fuse provided a very sturdy performance at CB. Matt Hope came on and put in a shift. Sniffer came on and stuck his head, kneed, boot on anything that Came his way. Langers latched onto a very promising ball only to thump it back into the changing room.

What about the goal I hear you all cry! Well fear not my fine fellows… Here we go. With the ball coming back from an attacking drive by the T’s, it fell kindly to our very own chipmunk Steven G, who, as this author can only describe, absolutely wellied the ball from 45 yards into the back of the net. After another 73 pullbacks, Cruyff turns, dummies, and shoulder charges, Tom Scott was unceremoniously tripped in the box having “done him”. He picked himself up, dusted himself down and duley slotted the penalty home. Making sure that he finishes first in the yellow cards table – TS also received a card.

Two to nill and clean sailing to the end of the match was assumed. However some of the squad (he who shall not be named) decided that’s such comfort required a little spicing up. A well chipped ball was put over the back line, only for Kieran to read the danger and outpaced the striker. the rest of the squad assumed that with only four minutes to go the ball would have ended up in row Z. However with some very subtle skullduggery, the striker clipped kiran’s ankles and sent him tumbling to the ground. The ref unceremoniously waved away any appeals for the blatant foul. The aforementioned striker cooly ran onto the loose ball and stuck in the back of the net 2-1 – squeaky bum time.

The last four minutes past without too much incident, and the tiffs went 4 wins on the trot. ‘Howay the lads’ and off to The Hope for the mandatory five pints, via some gourmet post match hospitality from Sinjun Grammarians.

Shout out to Carter-youl for a very well organized social – some might say he is the best club social in history! .

Big game next week, 3rd vs 2nd! Bring it on!!