OTFC lined up this week with a full 14. For the first time all 14 players were on time, present and ready to tackle the increasingly waterlogged conditions… a surprising (late) addition to the team sheet was injured skipper Dicky, however as he soiled his jeans on the side-lines attempting a keepyupy whilst carrying his camera it was clear this was seen as a blatant opportunity to bolster his Full-Time bingo stats.

Real match day skipper Will took control of the warm up, went through the team, stated his intent with a rousing team talk and promptly allowed his captains armband fall from his arm to the floor.

OTFC 2s bolstered by Sniffer, TWC and Langers for the day started the game cagey. The midfield seemed at sorts for 10 mins. Possession was limited and lost too easily, the defence seemed unable to make a positive decision, wingers equally out of position despite making good progress forward.

Up top however, despite feeding off scraps Tommo and Langers were chasing everything down… inspiring the team from the front.

Slowly but surely OTFC took control in midfield, started to play out from the back, worked out where they were a threat… the ball to Langers out wide was our avenue to cause trouble. The midfield worked tirelessly to capitalise on this…

The goal eventually came from Luke “I told you so” Peake… an Avery corner dropping neatly to a scrap in the box that Luke poked home. The second OTFC goal put us into our stride. However in true fashion we then started to lose focus and suddenly the Oppo had clawed one back… but more was to come suddenly we looked second best to everything again.

Another rousing team talk at halftime from Will Forsyth saw a second half of goals goals goals… we ended 5-1 up at the final whistle. MOTM Langers bagging a 2s hattrick Tommo rounding off the score sheet.

It was Avery the most pleased however… #nolongertheproblem #thankf**kforthat… at last a win..