BEEP, BEEP, BEEP alarm goes off, its 8:00am Saturday the 17th. Game day, after 4 impressive wins on the bounce was it time for 5! We knew it was going to be a struggle considering ugly goblin (Steve G) was away visiting his girlfriend in Germany, Both Steve L and Tom W couldn’t face the wrap of their wife’s again so decided it’s probably for the best to miss this game. Everyone was gutted when the team sheet came out and we didn’t have our home grown De Gea in goal, but a massive thanks to Ollie Robini for stepping in. Might have something to do with the win streak but for once everyone was on time (ish), 1:20pm all 13 tiffs players out ready to warm up. Kieran being adventurous with the warm up this week, haven’t seen high knees, heal kicks or skipping before. 5 minutes till kick off, referee very keen to get this game started as so were the boys in orange. First half both teams had chances, great defending from Tiff’s meant the only shots they could muster up were from outside the area which Ollie dealt with in a calm and controlled manner. Jordan as always bossed the midfield along with Bambi who has really cemented his place in the starting 11 week in week out. Jordan beats 1 beats 2 then plays a lovely defence splitting ball through to the superstar (me), goalie thought about it but decided it wasn’t worth the extra effort, he’s now in no man’s land, dumbo (also me) went for an audacious chip but didn’t pay off this time. A few more attacks at either end, couple of half chances for Sandy and Jordan but the goalie was always comfortable. Towards the end of the first half another super ball got played through to the superstar again and this time he got his head up and heard the call from Matt Hucks, the ball got played across goal with Hucks waiting for a tap in, unfortunately their defender made a last ditch interception. Half Time, good first half from Tiff’s as the away team. With the second half on its way we came out flying, this time Hucks was through and goal, with not much time to think and a couple of nice touches he managed to guide his shot towards to roof of the net making their goalie tip the ball over the bar. Tiff’s were now on the front foot, the more pressure we put on the more half chances we created. Although we didn’t stop pressing and having chances we couldn’t seem to convert anything today, just one of those days. 6 minutes to go and to be honest I couldn’t see from the half way line but somehow the ball ended up in the back of our net, was it Kieran’s fault? We will never know. A few more opportunity’s came Tiff’s way as we flooded the box towards the dying minutes but nothing we could do, Referee blows up. Our first loss of 2018 and although we all felt it we will surly get back to winning ways next Saturday.