Hutcheson (2)

Tiffs took to the field buoyed by a confident previous 4-0 victory (Editor’s note: 5-0). It is becoming well aware that a good early start is key to Ts success.

With that in mind, and following some special hand-waving exercises that would not have looked out of place on a blue bus, we got out of the blocks about as quickly as a slug chasing down a lettuce leaf.

2-0 down before we knew it.

It looked like we were in trouble. Seb did his (now almost as famous as the Macarena dance routine) da da da, da da da flap-a-catch, da da da, da da da, kick-a-post, da da da, da da da “sorry” heeeey Sebarena.

We played pretty shoddily all over the park, but against the run of play, we managed to go into the half 2 apiece. Some wise words of wisdom from the half time talk were quickly forgotten as Ebertian quickly scored. Two more by them sealed our fate out of the LOB Cup for another year.

Fully lathered-up, Joe keenly spotted their potential winning formula – a 12 man!!! (Editor’s note: What?).

Bring on next week!