The game that saw two of Saturday football’s biggest rivalries go head to head on a classically muddy, cold and wet Saturday afternoon.

In the first half, Old Tiffs managed to keep up with the pace and strength of Reigate. Old Tiffs were throwing everything at Reigate with attack after attack. The first half contained some decent football from the Tiffs and a lot of whinging from Reigate.

Tiffs came out slow in the second half which saw us go 1-0 down after some sloppy defending from a corner. Tiffs kept their heads and managed to wind the Reigate players up, which led to the 20th foul of the game awarded for us. Aidan stood over the ball and hoofed the ball in to the box and after some terrible defending from Reigate, the ball creeped in at the back post. Reigate eventually got a player booked and then sin binned within 2 minutes of each other.
The game came to an end with the points being shared.



Aaron Elwood
Aaron Langford
Aidan Smith
Al Cunningham
Andy Dickinson
Dom Lundie
James Kimber
Joe Yates
Marian Vrabie
Thad Umrigar
Tom Marshall
Tom Nichols
Tom Whitehead-Clarke
Will Forsyth


Aaron Langford


Aidan Smith


Dom Lundie