OTFC IIIs set off with a strong side with a full eleven. Ten minutes into the game Old Tiffs were down to ten men due to an injury. We carried on only conceding one goal in the first half, by playing their attackers offside almost every time they had the ball. In the second half, Old Tiffs had three good chances of a goal, however they were not fully taken advantage of. Old Tiffs ended up conceding two more goals in the second half while we still were trying to find our first. Old Tiffs battled on until the whistle blew at 90 minutes, it was an uphill battle from the start, but we managed to defend brilliantly and the great saves from our keeper, Nader, kept the score down.

MOTM: Valentin Garnier


Joe Yates
Valentin Garnier
Jake Davidson
Ben Lewis
Sam Edgar
Tom Marshall
Chris Carter
Cameron Baldwin
Nader Meradji
Marcos Wenzel
Ed Whitehouse

MOTM: Valentin Garnier