OTFC 3s turned up in Dulwich with the misfortune of a player turning up at Grists for the game. Since we were already on a bare eleven, we ended up starting the first 30 minutes of the game with 10 men, always a tough test.

We played well for this period, and were unlucky to concede. Tiffs came close on a couple of occasions from corners, but the Grantonians goalkeeper stood strong, and kept Tiffs out.

When our eleventh man showed up, and after a quick warm-up on the side of the pitch, the ten players on the pitch were already starting to tire rapidly. The flood gates opened, and Tiffs conceded another two goals before the break, leaving us 3-0 down at half time, and a long way from home.

Early in the second half, the Tiffs produced the move of the match, with some threaded, one touch passing carving through the Grantonians defence, leaving Dom Lundie to strike the ball in to the bottom corner of the net for a great team goal. Henry-esque (his words).

In the second half, Grantonians showed some aggression in the midfield, sending Ed Lambourn and glasses flying up in the air, and in to the mud (Tom Daley fine). Another, with Owen Kirk running towards the opposition defence was stopped in his tracks by a Grantonians elbow in his gut, leaving him in agony on the floor. Nasty. A precautionary trip to the hospital was advised by the on-field doctor, Stu (still with wrong kit).

Tired legs really started to appear, and a lack of positional discipline led to a further 3 goals from Grantonians. One of which, was fairly spectacular, not dissimilar to Ravel Morrison’s ‘famous England training-camp volley’, though less good.

A frustrating afternoon for the Tiffs in the cup, and one can’t help but think how things would have been if we had had a full sized squad at our disposal.

Man of the match went to Marian Vrabie, who thoroughly enjoyed the nomination by washing it down with a mystery-meat pasty, beans, and a pint of Coke.