After every game played under the AFC structure the clubs involved have to rank their opponents out of 10 on Spirit of Football, Organisation, Facilities and Hospitality, the referees for the game also provide ratings on the two teams. This is how the league keeps track of the performance of clubs. At several points during the year they send round updates of how the clubs as a whole and the individual teams in each club are faring.

The first set of ratings for the 2014/2015 season have just been distributed.

The highlights are as follows:

Spirit of Football – Average 8.26 – joint 16th out of 89 clubs.

Organisation – Average 8.53 – joint 8th out of 89 clubs.

Facilities – Average 8.20 – joint 30th out of 89 clubs.

Hospitality – Average 8.14 – joint 37th out of 89 clubs.

This is a promising position, and it is good that we are impressing the opposition and referees, but we can improve our rankings as the season continues. For Spirit of Football, let’s continue to behave appropriately on the pitch. Last week Matt Power, captaining the IIIs for the first time, informed the referee that a ball had not gone out for an OTFC goal kick, but in fact was a goal, which is the standard we should be setting when we play.

Well done to everyone at OTFC and let’s improve our position in every league table we are involved in over the next few weeks.

Download the PDFs below.

ClubMarks 31.10.2014

TeamMarks 31.10.2014