Who would be a football manager! The midweek line up changed before Saturday; the line up agreed in the changing room on Saturday changed by the time we walked to the pitch. What a bunch of divas, especially Oscar “Ongina” Omo whose mind was only on his drag queen themed evening to follow!
We had a bare eleven plus “Chi Chi” Naylor whose high heels had given him blisters and could hardly walk. The Tiffs started well “Kimora Blac” Ahmeti was causing havoc up front. Brought down in the box with the defender even lying down on top of him, no penalty. “Sherry Pie” Smith fouled in the final third but the ref played an advantage that led to Wandsworth taking the lead 10 seconds later! Good job “Kim Chi” Kinchin was having his nails done because he would have been doing his nut.

Wandsworth got a second, but just before half time the Tiffs pulled one back. Ahmeti got around the back a squared the ball to “Heidi N Closet” Harry who finished with intent. Tiffs had played up hill into the wind and “Blair St Clair” Baile, “Joslyn Fox” Jones, Gigi Goode” Gibbons and “Peppermint” Phelps had been solid at the back. “Aiden Zhane” Allen had not had much to do in goal.
“Winking Willie” Wilkins and Ongina were covering every blade of grass in the midfield with “Luscious Lady” Leary getting up and down the righthand side with fresh energy.

The second half was crazy, do try and follow this.

Disaster struck as Kimora Blac, taken from behind, fell awkwardly with his knee caught under his body. We wish him a speedy recovery. Chi Chi went in goal and Aiden Zhane went up top. Wandsworth scored again before Heidi N Closet got his second to pull one back.  Chi Chi’s blisters got the better of him and he could not continue. Aiden Zhane went back in goal and we played with 10. Peppermint got forward and finished well to tie the game at 3 – 3. Peppermint went close again, but was denied by a good save. Everyone had been giving their all. We secured the services of a spare Tiff’s player who had finished his game. Back to eleven and playing down hill we gave it our best shot only to be undone by some late goals as we simply ran out of steam.

All the talk after the game was about fitness, recovery and what shoes Ongina would wear to match his dress that night! Photos to follow.

Player of the Match brought to you by Smart Kids in Town