Saturday morning welcomed the Tiffs team with a storm clouds and a touch of weather in the air.  Normally after a week of sustained rain a morning downpour such as this would have the team checking their messages, some with worry others with hope, with news of a cancellation.  However, today was different, today was being played on 3G (possibly 4G, who actually knows) and no downpour could stop the game going ahead.

The plan for a proper warm up and tactical briefing before the game was scuppered by the majority of the team deciding to not check the travel times and arriving late for the game.  Team captain C. Bell and midfield engine room A. Kent spent a good 30 minutes checking that they were indeed at the right ground and it was everyone else that was lost (K. Dwyer in particular) before a few more players started to arrive.  With just minutes to go before kick off, Tiffs finally had a full team but any tactical thought had to be abandoned as the 11 players with their boots on got to start.

Despite this shambolic start to the day Tiffs actually began the game well, keeping a solid defensive shape and communicating well.  The conditions made it difficult for Tiffs to get out of defence, with the wind and rain blowing strongly into their faces for the opening half.  There were few chances for either team and it took a stroke of misfortune for the deadlock to be broken.  A momentary lapse at the back allowed Sedcopians a chance and their strikers speculative effort crept in to give them a 1-0 lead.  Tiffs tried to rally and get back into the game but a misplaced pass allowed Sedcopians through on goal to put them 2-0 up before the break.

To fit with Tiffs luck so far this season, the 2nd half began with a clearing of the weather and Sedcopians had the luxury of not playing headfirst into pouring rain.  Tiffs desperately tried to get back into the game, but they weren’t able to get hold of the ball and play much football and get the goal they needed.  A few half chances came and went and as Tiffs pushed further forward they were caught on the counter from their own corner and found themselves 3-0 down.  After that the game started to peter out, with Old Sedcopians able to flatter the scoreline with a late 4th goal.


Man of the Match brought to you by Banquet Records to the tune of Ride on Time by Black Box

Alec Kent