OTFC III 3 Old Sutts 6

In blustery weather conditions, the Old Tiffs took on Old Sutts. Old Tiffs kicked off, but for most of the half, the ball was blown to the right of our half and we hardly had any possession (God damn Bryan).

The first goal came as Tiffs had pushed forward with the defence was on the halfway line, a ball came over the top and their attacking midfielder sprinted clear, leaving himself with just the goalie to beat he shot and put it in the corner. The second came not too long after when a shot was saved and their striker laid it off for their attacking midfielder who still had a lot to do and he smashed the ball into the roof of the net to make it 0-2. The third came from a header from a corner which Tiffs were unlucky not to clear Matty saved and Al on the post headed it, but the ball squirmed into the net.

At last Tiffs started to wake up and had a few attacks. Unfortunately another attack came and Old Sutts made it 4 although it looked a bit offside as the ball came across for the unmarked player who put it into the net. Tiffs got one back before half time a great cross came from Ben Jeffries  and Ibrahim (on 3s debut) got in behind the defender and chipped the goalie as he came out.

Old Tiffs came out like the wind, hard and fast, and pretty much scored 2 goals from the whistle. The second came by another cross by Ciaran Morris, and Jose got in behind the defence and chipped the keeper. Almost identical to our first goal. The third scorer and for his second was Ibrahim. A throw in came and the ball got headed out and Ibrahim half vollyed into the corner. 4-3 game was definitely on. Tiffs was looking for the fourth but Old Sutts scored completely against the run of play.

Ben Lewis tried getting past their striker in the Tiffs half and the striker out muscled him played  a one two and one of their players shot in the far corner to make it 5-3. Lewis nearly made amends to his mistake when a throw in came in it was headed onto him and he tried a backwards flick which just went wide, a headed goal would have been extraordinary.

Alas Old Sutts scored, again against run of play, the goalie took a goal kick and Dan tried heading forward but then sadly ended up headed it back. Their player was clear through and he slotted the ball into the net to make it 6-3. Old Tiffs probed for a goal for the rest of the half but couldn’t get one.

Well played and we did well in the second half and unlucky for the first. MOTM and well played Ibrahim.