OTFC Vs vs Dorkinians VI

30th November 2019

Dorkinians VI 1 - 3 OTFC Vs

A Revenge of Sorts…….

It was all about the past this week…. Occasions to celebrate, ones to forget and the first win of the season that the club as a whole can take credit for.

The 5th team revisited the greatest disappointment of the 2018-19 season, a game that should have been a stroll had ended 2-2 with a last gasp goal that cheered up the punters and then saw them disgruntled and which had sent a water bottle flying (The two incidents are connected).

With an impassioned inflicted injury to Matt Hurst the previous Monday and in the week of his 3rd year anniversary at the club he would take on the role of management aided by club secretary Tom Nichols (when he wasn’t on the pitch), the tactical battle was won early as the commendable centre half pairing of Sniffer and Dicky (Stalwarts to the Tiff’s cause) snuffed out any threat and allowed the free flowing 5th team to push forward, the opening two goals were audacious attempts of quality, the first a 40-50 yard strike by Sniffer that the Dorkinian keeper would have required a ladder to get to, the second a beautifully waited shot from the edge of the box that flew over the grasping Dorkinian Goalkeeper.

As the temperature progressed slowly downwards the second half started with the odd flurry of Dorkinian activity and they were back to 2-1, as the ball escaped the grasping intents of Dave Smith.

Dorkinians were threatening a comeback, like last years and proving the adage that lightening can often strike twice. The Tiffs were tactically set up as a 4-3-3 but taking a cue from Liverpool’s attempts at protecting the full back, Ben Lewis took the James Milner role and however much Dorkinian’s took task to the Tiff backline they could not get the equaliser, late on a cross from Mike Kyei evaded every Dorkinian defender and was sweeped home by Dave Harry at the back post.

A first win sealed of 2019-2020

Man of the Match – Sniffer (Justin Smith)