OTFC Is vs Sinjun Grammarians (H)

13th October 2018

OTFC Is 3 - 6 Sinjun Grammarians

Off the back of two huge wins, flying high at the top of the league table with a game in hand OTFC had 18 names to squeeze into 14… pre match confidence and competition for places was running high. Thankfully a suitable distraction of a Spotify playlist was formed.

Resident sound engineer took to the task of turning a speaker on… hours later our 8 toenailed striker explained that a blue light is good news… and we had sound – or at least the sound of songs being skipped.

Head out, warm up, talk positive, team sheet, our kick off

The oppo seemed up for this… 15 minutes in, stalemate broken, a back pass gone array and OTFC were a goal down… time for something we’ve not had to do before – come back from behind. Possession good and Hucks was on hand to capitalise on a Forsyth through ball. 1-1… back in action.

OTFC were back in their stride, again good possession, breaking down the oppo ball, a couple of refereeing decisions go against us, another misplaced back pass, a ball over the top and we go into half time 3-1 down.

Half time talk about character, not letting our heads drop, not letting the referee get under our skin.

We go again… and again we went the perfect knock from Hucks sets up Bettis for a dent into the oppo lead. A Hutchison corner pinpoint onto Bostelmann’s head and OTFC were back in business… 3-3 15 mins to go and all to play for.

Refereeing decisions start to go against us, surely we couldn’t lose our heads two weeks in a row… could we?

Finishing with 9 players on the pitch and losing 6-3 having twice come back from behind was never the plan!

Hucks took the dubious accolade of man of the match that no one wanted to be man of the match for… a goal and an assist, the stand out performance of a game to forget.

Here are Matt’s thoughts on the day: