It was a big day for the UK in general… not only was there a royal wedding and an FA cup final to contend with, the mighty OTFC gathered at the Spring Grove in Kingston for the annual end of season awards ceremony, banter, sing along and “refreshment” that continued into the bright lights of KT1 and naturally late into the night.

Club 2017/18 Season Awards:

Golden Boot
(Zeki Akdeniz)
IVsWith 16 goals and 8 assists for the season
Club Young Player of the Year
(Dom Lundie)
IIIs19 years old, played every 3s match bar one, Trained every week, also scored a goal and created another
Big Tackle Award
(James Kimber)
IIs3-1 up with 40 minutes to go James "saves" a shot going wide. Having handled the ball in the box, is issued with a red card and gives a penalty away putting the team under pressure for the remainder of the game (don't panic we won).
Who? Me? Award
(Al Cunningham, Ben Lewis & Joe Yates)
IIIsFor demonstrating great club spirit by driving an entire squad of players to Solihull for a cup game
Andy Widera Award
(Wesley Bishop)
IVsFor his very late Friday night singing on WhatsApp to the 4s group as a pre-game incentive
Media Award
(Paul Mackay-Thomas)
IIsFor his wonderful Championship Manager style Match report for OTFC IIs Vs John Fisher
(Click here to See)
Golden Pen Award
(Pete Markham)
VetsLess for a single match report more so for the amazing array of match reports that Pete has written over the season on behalf of the vets.

Chairman’s 2017/18 Season Awards:

Chairman's Award
(Errol Walker)
A long service award recognising Errol's many years as Club Secretary as well as his playing years
Chairman's Award
(John Dickens)
Despite hanging up his boots many seasons ago, JD keeps the club accounts in mint condition. A long overdue recognition from our club!
Chairman's Award
(Justin "Sniffer" Smith)
In acknowledgement of Sniffer's length of service and dedication to the club.... Always first to referee when the club needs it and for bringing the next generation of Smiths to the 1s
Chairman's Award
(Dave "Dirty" Harry)
An incredible length of service and dedication to the OTFC fold, with more seasons played for the 1s than he can remember

Is 2017/18 Season Awards:

Golden Boot
(Tom Scott)
15 goals for the season
Fresher of the Season
(Ollie Pratelli)
An incredibly strong first season for OTFC, joined early doors played 10 games, scored 3 goals.
Player of the season
(Jordan Owusu-Adu)
What an incredible return to from for our star player. Great with his feet, composed on the ball, plays an excellent pass... a defensive masterclass over the 15 games he played this season

IIs 2017/18 Season Awards:

Player's Player of the Season
(Ollie Robini)
Voted for by his team mates... an unofficial accolade, but, a valuable one. Well played Ollie you have moved into our squad and made the CB position your own, commanding and robust yet able to create and play from the back
Golden Boot
(Dave Bettis)
11 goals and 5 assists for the season
Fresher of the Season
(Bonar Whitlock)
Joined the 2s for the season, has played a huge amount of games, scored 8 goals and assisted 2 more... he is a regular social attendee and has become a stalwart in the club.
Player of the Season
(Joe Sammarco)
Played almost every position on the pitch this season... made them all his own. Joe has scored 3 goals, assisted 4 and was MOTM 4 times - an incredible season for OTFC!

IIIs 2017/18 Season Awards:

Golden Boot
(Ibrahim Diakate)
10 goals for the season
Fresher of the Season
(Ben Harrison)
Came to the 3s this season played a huge number of games. Patrolled the midfield all season whilst not letting anything past him and also creating chances - MOTM more than anyone else also scored and assisted goals.
Player of the Season
(Joe Yates)
Played exceptionally in every game he played (which is almost all of them) and has goals in him from CM. Regular squad player over the entire season

IVs 2017/18 Season Awards:

Golden Boot
(Zeki Akdeniz)
16 goals for the season with 8 additional assists
Fresher of the season
(James Khajenouri)
An incredible first season for the 4s. Khaj scored 12 goals, assisted 8 and was MOTM repeatedly. A key asset to the 4s success this season.
Player of the Season
(James Khajenouri)
What more can we say than the above...

Vets 2017/18 Season Awards:

Golden Boot
(Nigel Sprunt)
With 11 goals for the season
Player of the Season
(Ali Rawlinson)
Outstanding season not only on the pitch but also off... working hard with the team at every opportunity. Thank you Ali