The Boys were a long way from home (beyond Croydon), and the weekends festivities were threatening to take in their first victim, Colin Avery. Nonetheless Old Tiffs carried out their standard warm up routine on the muddy pitch and surprisingly Colin was not sick. His tenacity and determination to keep fighting the hangover was admirable and it would come to embody the spirit of the day…

The starting XI lined up in the Christmas Tree TM formation and the ref blew the whistle.

1-0 TIFFS GOAL – Within the first minute Dicky had cut the John Fisher defence open with a peach of a ball from right back. Dave got on the end of it and calmly slotted it home. At this stage I must address a dubious call of offside from the opposition and state that it is the view of this writer, and indeed the Old Tiffinians board that Dave Bettis was at the time, in line.

1-1- John Fisher Goal.

2-1 TIFFS GOAL – Dan Hogg set the ball up on the edge of the box to invitingly. What followed can only be described as a rocket, akin to the thunderbolt of Zeus, the ball flew into the top corner. Who was the architect of this weapon? New boy, Bonar Whitlock.

2-2- John Fisher Goal.

2-3- John Fisher Goal.

3-3- TIFFS GOAL – Debutant Chris has marked his first appearance for the club with a goal! He took advantage of a loose ball inside the 18 yard box and rifled it into the bottom corner. Definitely one to watch for the future, aged only 19 could his career at Old Tiffinians football Club become the stuff of legend?

3-4 – John Fisher Goal

4-4 TIFFS GOAL- Tommo’s relentless work upfront gets him a well-earned goal and earns Tiffs a well-earned point as he bends it round the keeper.

Overall, a hard fought point the lads can be proud of. We didn’t give up. We didn’t lose and Colin wasn’t sick.

MOTM: Luke Peake – A tactical masterclass from our midfield general, totally deserving of the man of the match award.