The day got off to a great start with both the ground and players tight from the arrival of the harsh winter. The tiffs looking like they’d prefer some pints rather than a game of football.

The classics tiffs preparation of a stale warm up and some terrible shooting practice had the players fired up for the game.

Even before the game had begun there were warning signs for the team, with many players carrying injuries and the captain choosing to ignore this even when a player went out of his way to inform him.

The game was soon underway, and with this the inevitable first goal was conceded (probably from a corner, the first of many) This wasn’t enough to wake the tiffs from their slow start as another 2 goals were swiftly conceded.

Then as we thought it could get no worse a key man Tom Nichols suffered a pulled hamstring, the same player that told the captain before the game he was carrying an injury. At some point after this another goal was conceded. The tiffs were 4 nil down at the halfway point.

A strong team talk at half time led to a good start to the second half with the purples scoring a corner of their own through a man legend says is older then the club itself in Dave Harry. The comeback continued shortly after through probably the pass of the game from myself through to Ben. ironically the rest of the move didn’t live up to the same standards, with a bobbling cross that made its way towards will before he got a shanked shot off which somehow made its way over the goal line and into the bottom corner.

Then just as the players thought they were back in it everyone forgot about defending and we conceded again. Ollie had decided at this point he’d seen enough and claimed he was injured, which meant the injured Tom coming back on to struggle through the rest of the game. The game was essentially over. The purples went on to concede another 5 goals on a day to forget.

Least worst man of the match Dave Harry gives his thoughts: