Close; but not close enough!


A windy Saturday proved to be a disappointing day for Tiffs.

The early part of the game was played at a furious pace, with the wind causing lots of problems for both teams. Dorkingians, opted for a long ball game with little to offer in the middle of the park. However, the Tiffs defence stood strong with 1st and 2nd balls being won for the majority of the time.

It was clear after the first 10mins that Tiffs were not only in this game, but were the better team.


Tiffs were creating chances with the front 4 all having opportunities. Colin using fancy footwork to get off a shot just right of the post.


Tiffs’ big chance came as Tom Flynn stormed through from the half-way line, taken on a number of players before being tackled at the last moment. Unfortunately, this proved to be a much more serious injury than the tackle looked. Tom Flynn had to depart (to hospital) and was replaced by debutant Josh White.

With half-time looming, Dorkingians could see their best chance of scoring was from a set-piece. This proved the case when a drilled corner came in, and with no decisive clearance it bounced around until finally the ball ricocheting in off the unsuspecting keeper Cottee.


At half-time, there was no panic. All knew, this game was for the taking.

The 2nd half continued in the same vein. Dorkingians going long ball while Tiffs controlling play but not managing to get the foot on the ball well enough to open up the opposition.


The chance to take the game by the scruff of the neck came when a penalty was awarded, and Captain Joe Yates confidentially step up and converted.

This was surely the point Tiffs were going to nail down the momentum and run away with a victory………not to be. A rare break from Dorkingians, led to an opening which once again put Tiffs 1 behind; 1-2.

Heads and energy still high, Josh cleverly maneuvered for a cross from within the box, with James K lurking at the back post. However, the well placed ball deceived all and floated nicely into the back corner – Shot or Cross….who cares; 2-2


With time ticking away Tiffs were pushing hard with Dorkingians seemingly playing for a draw at this point. With all the attacking intent, the team exposed themselves defensively once too often and Dorkingians took full advantage. A shot from outside of the box left Cottee stranded and only able to watch the ball fly in.

Still Tiffs pushed and half chances were coming, but time finally ran out and Tiffs had to admit this was one that we should have won.


Honorable mention: MotM went to Jezza, full of tenacity and running. Revealing his secret is extra gel in his hair, for a more ‘powerful’ header. Yep, Jezza said this.