OTFC IIs v Old Kingsburians II (H)

18th October 2014

OTFC IIs 0 - 4 Old Kingsburians II

That was a game……. To forget; bringing bountiful amounts of mare and premium air kicks. The game started positively enough, with a packed pitch and a ballooning support of three and a half (and a hat) the Tiffs were out in force. Even the wind rocked up to show the love (and we had oranges….. But more on that later).

The first ten minutes saw a fairly even exchange of control, but as the clock ticked-on, the away side started to dominate. The stats tell the story with the opposing team spending 85%* of the half either on the ball, or on their bums just before reclaiming the ball. It was a rather worrying stat for the home team who seemed determined to keep their whites Daz sharp. As the first half edged ever closer to half time the away team’s domination finally reaped some reward. Bearing down on goal their plucky defender busted a gut (it wasn’t fatal) towards the Tiff’s 6 yard box before popping it right in the goal net. B*gger! Needless to say, this infuriated the hat on the sideline and the Tiffs came in at half time one nil down. Still, the Tiff’s whites remained brilliant (silver lining?).

What happened next though changed the game, dramatic pause, in a surprise move the oranges that Greg had kindly brought were divided up with two bags for the away team and one bag for the home team. This was a crushing blow for the Tiffs. There were words, great words at half time, but no words can counteract the positive effect of all that vitamin C, and here, sadly, is where it all went wrong. Having been juiced up at half time the away team entered the field two times bigger than the first half (like a scene from Space Jam). Needless to say, the Tiffs were in shock and in a flourish of combo moves the tattooed team were four nil to the good with half an hour still to play. There were flashes of heart, and feet (are Colin’s feet both right feet?), but sadly the Tiffs couldn’t wrestle themselves back into the game (despite Greg throwing a few handbags and some stinging bants). Still, content with the cups they already own (tea cups) the Tiffs now look forward to the league where things can only get better, take it away D:ream.

*Official stat.