OTFC II vs Dorkinians III (A)

27th January 2018

Dorkinians V 3 - 3 OTFC IIs

It started out as a lovely day for a game of football with the ground already churned up and looked a very nice day for a sliding tackle. With a couple of people with hangovers. We changed from our festive Christmas tree formation to a 5-3-2.

The match got underway with two quick goals from the bearded wizardry of Dale. One from distance which wrong footed the keeper and one just slotted in the bottom left corner. 2-0 OTFC.

Tactical subs were made by both teams. Two players from Dorking looked like they should have been playing in a lot higher team. Compounded with two hungover centre backs for OTFC lead to many misjudged tackles and heading was non existent. With two quick goals from Dorking it was 2-2 at half time.

Second half started well with the boys in purple reaching new heights with their passing and tackling although Greg seemed to be 2 seconds too late. The extra pressure forced Dorking to move one of their quality subs into the back four to free up our midfield which lead to a brilliant bit of play from OTFC with Blowy Sammarco cooly finishing across the keeper slotting into the right hand side of the goal. 3-2 OTFC. Unfortunately a tactical foul by Greg lead to a dangerous free kick that has been knocking at our door. Defended poorly 3-3.

Special mentions to Tom Nichols for having safe hands although goal kicks where deemed to difficult for the conditions of the pitch.
Sniffer: SOLID Shroud. Playing 80 minuets after coming back from from a difficult injury.
Dale: jug avoidance after dribbling half the length of the pitch and passing it straight to their keeper
Kimber: for trying to head his feet instead of the ball.
Collin: our lucky mascot still 7 games no wins it could be more.