After a well-deserved break the fat purple heads returned to the field of action Saturday against Wandsworth Borough 8th XI. The prolonged rest didn’t seem to affect the lads much as they started in the usual fashion, ponderous and lethargic.
Rumours had it that this was a relegation battle but as no one had checked the league table for the past few months this couldn’t be confirmed. Either way, considering the previous meeting between the two teams ended in a thrilling 6-5 win for the Old Tiffs, it was bound to be a classic.

Taking to the pitch hand in hand and offering reassuring cuddles at all available opportunities the tiffs team portrayed the perfect picture of harmony. Wandsworth were in awe of this display of friendship and visually rocked at our unity. Several opponents were even asking for subscription forms to join our hallowed club, but soon returned them unsigned when it became obvious team rapport is in fact no replacement for footballing skill.

Wandsworth opened the scoring through a far post tap in that was thought to have deflected off the forwards hand. As no tiffs defender was within 15 yards of the attacker however, this could not be corroborated.

Tiffs didn’t let this early goal sully the good mood and through the combined efforts of the constant running of Tom Scott, the silky feet of Matt Hucks and the face of Joe S, the tiffs found themselves level and on the up.

Unfortunately, no further improvement was made and tiffs conceded again, this time the defence standing still, remonstrating to the referee that the goal scorer was offside, despite the attacker passing the ball to himself.

2-1 at half time the chat was about reinforcing the passing game we had played so well for the majority of the season, and tiffs took to the pitch rejuvenated, eager to settle the score against these obdurate opponents. 15 minutes into the second and half the score had increased to 6-1.

A short discussion concerning the merits of short passing and extra running was had between the tiffs full back and goalkeeper, but it was decided that long punts and no running was the preferred route of play. Despite a brief falling out these two stalwarts soon made up and could be found kissing in the corner of a darkened Kingston pub later that night.

There was to be no repeat of the heroics of the previous fixture and it was a shame that the last home game of the season ended in a defeat. Despite this it has been a great season for the Tiffs with the confident and impressive football being played a marked improvement on previous league campaigns. A highlight of the season was the 3-1 victory over the current league leaders Tenisonians. The success and enjoyable nature of the season wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work shown by Rory and so a big thank you to him.