The Purps Go Orange

Arrived in a communal huddle before game banter was at its highest. With the upcoming of Halloween with shivers sent down their spines a few players remembered Tom Scott’s antics – the puller of toe nails. Kimber tried to relaxed style of warm up, with the normal bum kicks and high knees. Then got us to stand in a circle and have a bit of team bonding just before the game starts, with fun facts flying around the warm group… but without a kick of a ball to be seen from the mighty T’s. Ominous?

We play a familiar team in Woking – always a tough fixture. It was a cup game, but oblivious by some of the opposition. With the returning Kimber, Birse, Tom V(hitchhiked just off the M1) and Ewan. Attacking formation off 4-3-3 we start the game. Keeping the ball and pressing hard both at a stalemate. Olly C working his socks off as always, up and down the line creating a chances – shortly afterwards a shot from Tom B whistled inches over the bar. Tiffs then find their stride and caress the ball round the back four. Oli R plays a looping ball over to JJ11 to split the defence, who calmly cut the ball back to the onrushingTom B to hit. GOAL 1-0 tiffs. Concentration was needed to get through to half time. Woking get a corner, whipped in with pace, a lost marker, the net rippled – half time, we head in 1-1 against Wokes.

Half time …
Tactics where talked. Everyone trying to remember what the whiteboard said in the changing room. ‘Only the captain speaks to the ref?’

The oppo where trying everything playing their RB in numerous positions. Both teams giving it their all to the final whistle with one team hitting the post’s considerably more. As time goes on more frustration flows through the teams.

Extra Time And Pens …
Players were cramping up and tiring from the exerting game. Challenges still going in as 50-50’s. Except Oli R got 51-49 vs their LB. Suspected broken leg, he carries him off the pitch. All the best and speedy recovery from the whole team. Penalties were needed to settle the game. Woking’s pens where mostly only top bins. Nerves got to tiffs. A great sporting game.

End score: (T)2-4(W)

Player of the Match brought to you by Banquet Records

Ollie Robini