OTFC Is vs Brent (H)

20th October 2018

OTFC Is 2 - 6 Brent

The day was sunny and the tiffs changing room was pumping. Saturday had come around and the 1s seemed ready to bounce back after the unfortunate loss conceded last week.

The team did a very unexpected warm up which consisted of running across the pitch, high knees, lunges and a few shots at Seb in goal. If the pre match striking was anything to go by, we wouldn’t be scoring any goals.

There were a few changes in the squad with Joe and MBP unable to make the HUGE game. But that didn’t bother the mighty Tiffs in the first 10 minutes at all.

The team started strong and played some nice football, the defence looked calm and the strikers looked sharp. The midfield were winning every battle and Jordan was trying to thread the needle with a few well weighted through balls, luckily for tiffs, Jordan was trying to assist our own players this week.

It wasn’t long before Rory managed to assist Dave in a nicely worked goal that showed the class of the Ts football. Alan struck shortly after and the away fans went silent. 2 goals this quick they were surely in for a thumping.

The Tiffs were on top and our confidence was showing, we had a few opportunities but failed to kill the game off.

The opponents were persistent and kept attacking, a shot from the edge of the box which is believed to have had a deflection was pinged in to the bottom corner. It was an unlucky goal to concede but it really dented the way we were playing. The Tiffs were no longer playing their passing football and the team was being sucked in to a physical game we don’t like playing.

The squads went down the tunnel at half time 2-2.

It wasn’t long after half time we conceded a third. A few chances fell to equalise, but none were put away. The clearest chance went to Goodings who put the ball just wide of the post after a lovely pass from Hucks. This was shocking for Mr Goodings as he is normally so clinical in front of goal.

After some very suspect defending down the right hand side of defence, the Tiffs conceded several goals in quick succession that looked like replicas from the Brent training ground. The defence was left speechless and the refs whistle was blown with the final score 6-2.

Here is the gorgeous Alan speaking post match: