OTFC IIs vs Sinjuns Grammarians II

25th January 2020

OTFC IIs 0 - 3 Sinjuns Grammarians II

Another tough day out at the office for the 2s against Sinjuns…

Following our 8-2 cup loss that opened our season, Tiffs started strongly and with a pseudo-vengeance (although to be fair, they’re a lovely bunch of lads and the game was played in good spirits). Full 14 out on the pitch, some support from other teams in the club and none of the team were hungover – what wizardry was this?

There were some passes, there were some tackles, there were some close shots. There were also some less close shots threatening the corner flag and/or the boundary fence, notably early attempts from captain Jimmy Evans-Rong and vice-captain Tom Nichols. ‘Leading from the front’ they called it. Captain Evans-Rong then decided he’d up the ante for his own team, toe poking into his own net past keeper Seb Rose while under minimal pressure.

There was hope, however. The Tiffs team switched to an attacking 4-3-3 and dominated the remainder of the first half, and went into the break in positive spirits. The second half started just as strongly and it looked like Tiffs were going to equalise, however nothing quite…clicked.

Nothing however, except Dan Jackson’s feet on the opposition striker on the edge of the penalty box. The ref blew, the players protested it was only a free kick, but he didn’t budge. From the spot, Rose guessed right, and also correctly, but couldn’t quite keep it out. 2-0, but still in it with 15 to go.

However, Tiffs never quite made it and ended up going down one more, courtesy of a misjudged defensive header. Credit goes to Sinjuns for a solid performance and to the lads in Purple for going strong to the end.

We’re languishing low down in the table, but great escapes – through dubious administration or otherwise – are our speciality.