OTFC IIs vs Old Suttonians V (H)

12th May 2018

OTFC IIs 2 - 4 Old Suttonians V

Saturday 12th of May and couldn’t have asked for better playing condition for the last game of the season, firm underfoot but over heard the ref considering to call it off due too light rain, maybe that had something to do with the 3rd goal, will we ever know!!

Dicky with his classic warm up routine, although I don’t think he’s grasped stretching yet, one season at a time.

All started quickly for tiffs with a very solid tried and tested 5-3-2, within the first 10 minutes with some lovely intricate passing through the midfield Tommo flicks the ball into Dave’s path which he calmly slotted through the legs of the keeper. Tiffs 1-0, 20 minutes in and still going smoothly until Old Sutts showed why they’re top of the league, before we knew it 1-1. Few changes from both teams and tiffs were still going strong. Kimber with a splitting pass through their midfield to Tom S who turned and managed to stumble through and find the corner of the goal. Now leading 2-1 we carried on pushing for a 3rd but unfortunately this left gaps between our midfield and defence, lo and behold its 2-2, GAME ON.

After the same speech at half time which consists of “we need to talk more” second half began. Both teams now really going for the win, tiffs had plenty more half chances but it’s about the ones you take. Last 20 minutes Old Sutt’s showed their fitness and stole the game from under our noses. 4-2 Full Time. After all the hot steamy showers the 2’s enjoyed some end of season wind down pints while dishing out some heavy fines, let’s hope the Hen weekend was worth it Will.

MOTM interview with Tom Scott