OTFC IIs v Royal Sun Alliance Is (H)

27th September 2014

OTFC IIs 2 - 4 Royal Sun Alliance Is

New Kit, Same Old Tiffs…

With talk and media coverage circulating around the unveiling of the new mighty purple and white shirt, much hype surrounded today.s Old Tiffinians II league fixture. All three fans packed onto the byline and a replica shirt already sighted among them, Old Tiffs started sprightly. Full of energy, desire and tiki-taka football that would surely have had Ruud Gullit witnessing his envisaged ‘Sexy Football.’ Firing on all cylinders, Old Tiffs dominated. Closing down all over the pitch, counter attacking with fire and shutting out the opponents pacey young strikers. It was not long before a stray clearance was pounced upon by Old Tiffs defensive midfielder up field with a nose bleed, who calmly controlled the ball before dispatching a right footed volley into the bottom right corner. 1 – 0 Tiffs and Dan adds to his OTFC catalogue of goals. Old Tiffs kept their nerve and with strong performances all over the pitch, of note Jason and Colin, and the boys went in at half time with the lead. Dare the fans dream of another 3 points to the collection so far?

Unfortunately, someone hit the Old Tiffs big red button that had been so heatedly attempted to be locked in the past. Before this though, a beautiful exchange of play. Dan and Dave swapping passes before Andy and Colin started overlapping down the right in a fashion that could have easily been mistaken for Neville and Beckham a la ’99. Due to this reporter spitting out his prawn sandwich in awe of the poetry in motion, his sight was blocked momentarily, so either Andy or Colin could be awarded the sweet swinging cross that was eagerly met by Thommo, who dispatched coolly and without messing his Shockwaves hair. The sponsors will be pleased.

As stated though, the fortress that was beginning to be Grist’s started to crumble and mistakes crept in. However, positives can be taken from this, the fine book was filling up thick and fast. Let us not dwell on the negatives, the game was eventually lost 4-2. But some enjoyable fines were had. Noteworthy being Danny and Jason’s mothers meeting on the six yard box, as they discussed the pros and cons of either Jason clearing, or Danny collecting, or Jason playing it back to Danny to clear, the oppo’s young pacey striker decided to so rudely interrupt the con-flab and toe poke the ball in the back of the net. Andy’s ‘tackle’ in the box was also pretty special. The ref saw no wrong with his sudden morphing into Bruce Lee and kicking the poor young lad into touch. With the youngster presumed dead, he eventually got up and the rest is in the past.