OTFC I v Clapham Old Xaverians II (A)

10th December 2016

Clapham Old Xaverians II 2 - 1 OTFC Is

Tiffs travelled to Earlsfield to contest the Kent Surrey Cup first round against Clapham old Xaverians. They travelled home soon after…no longer in the Surrey Kent Cup.

Tiffs began chaotically…Rose was called in to frequent action – atoning for a catastrophically wide range of defensive errors with athleticism and poise. Jimmy Evans left the borough after receiving a small scratch to the brow and was quickly followed by Dave Harry who was suffering from shellshock as the amount of defending reminded him of the Shwaben Redoubt circa 1916.

The 10 men battled bravely for 70 minutes. ..Going 1-0 down in the second half be free rallying with a Joe Matthews speculative 50 yarder…

Regrettably, further heroics from Sebastian Rose were not enough to prevent a last gasp Clapham winner.

Thoughts turn to the Christmas social…turtle necks are compulsory…

Rose a unanimous Man of the Match.