OTFC are proud to launch our new club shop:

Click the image below to start your browsing – further instructions on how to place orders will be communicated very soon.


Our shirts are primarily purple (hue varies across the teams), and we provide these to players on the match day. Every week a different player takes the kit to wash it, and by the end of the season everyone has washed the shirts at least once.

Players are expected to play in their own white shorts and white socks, these can be purchased at the club shop (other suppliers are available). Shinpads and appropriate studs are mandatory.

Below please find costs for tailored club merchandise including our club badge and you initials embroidered. Purchasing via the link above brings a huge 5% rebate back to us for further investment into our club:

Product TypeProduct RangeProduct DescriptionProduct CodeProduct Price
Training WearNike Academy 183/4 Tech Pant893793451£25.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Drill Top893624451£28.00
Training WearNike Academy 18HoodyAH9608451£33.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Knit Track Jacket893701451£31.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Polo899984451£24.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Rain Jacket893796451£40.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Shield Drill Top893800451£33.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Tech Pant893652451£31.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Training Top893693451£18.00
Training WearNike Academy 18Woven Tracksuit893709451£48.00
Club WearNike LifestyleClub Blend Tee658045451£18.00
Club WearNike LifestyleClub Trainer Jacket658683451£34.00
Club WearNike LifestyleCore Polo454800451£21.00
Club WearNike LifestyleTeam Cuff Club Pant658679451£27.00
Club WearNike LifestyleTeam Club Full Zip Hoodie658497451£34.00
Club WearNike LifestyleTeam Club Hoodie658498451£31.00
Club MerchandiseNike Team PerformanceBeanie Hat646406451£10.00